Xavier Stone

Xavier Stone
XAVIER GH3.jpgXavier in Guitar Hero III
Appears inGuitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III
Playing StyleLaid Back
InfluencesJimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, The Doors
Default GuitarLes Paul Standard(GH3), Gibson Flying V Jimi Hendrix Custom
OutfitsXavier Classic, Captain X

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Xavier Stone (May, 14th, 1969, Boston, Connecticut, United States of America) is modeled after 60's guitarist Jimi Hendrix in Guitar Hero 3.

[edit] Biography

A musical prodigy, Xavier Stone's time in Egypt exposed him to African and Middle Eastern techniques which he weaves into his sound. In a recent interview he claimed to rock so hard "there's nothing left of a guitar when I'm done with it." -Guitar Hero in-game bio

Xavier Stone has always rocked. Identified as a musical prodigy with a genius IQ at age 5, he wrote and starred in his first full-length rock opera at 8. By 13 he had formed the internationally acclaimed Seeing Eye Frog and a world tour was right around the corner. Early exposure to the complex rhythms of Africa and The Orient influenced his style. Equally energized by hip-hop, classical, jazz, and rock, he can switch styles on a dime, and looks cool doing it. Xavier says he likes to rock so hard there's "nothing left of a guitar when I'm done with it." A recent reader's poll by Quantum Sound Magazine voted Xavier Stone "Most Likely To Rock." -Guitar Hero manual bio

Raised in suburban Connecticut, Xavier Stone broke from his pampered upbringing after realizing he preferred rock clubs to country clubs. Weaving slick '70s style with chunky grooves, Xavier does it right every time. -Guitar Hero II in-game bio

The essence of cool, Xavier wields sound with hypnotic effect. The ladies want him and the dudes want to BE him. Touted as "The Strummer of Love", Xavier strives for peace on Earth and goodwill towards... Rock 'N Roll. -Guitar Hero III in-game bio

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