Video Shoot

Video Shoot
LocationRecording studio 666
Appears inGuitar Hero III
Guitar BattleNone
Venue NumberThree

This is where you film your video, the first step under your new manager and the first step to your huge career.

[edit] Songlist

  • "When You Were Young"- The Killers
  • "Miss Murder"- AFI
  • "The Seeker"- The Who
  • "Lay Down"- Priestess
  • "Paint It Black"- The Rolling Stones

[edit] Features

This venue is a representation of many music video sets. The band is playing on the back of a flatbed truck, and there is a scrolling background with a roadside whizzing by. If the rockmeter is in the blinking red, the roadside will stop and will be replaced with many colored veritcal bars. If the rock meter is in the green, the roadside will be replaced by stars flying by you, simulating that the band is traveling through space.

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