The God of Rock

The God of Rock
God of rock.gif
God of Rock Action figure
Appears inGuitar Hero III
Playing StylePower Metal
InfluencesJables off Tenacious D
Default Guitar

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[edit] Background

A majestic rocker that teaches the tutorials in Guitar Hero III. His movements exactly follow Axel Steel, but he appears as some Greco-Roman deity: long white hair and beard, a black cloth with a chain strapped on and boots. He is an exclusive unlockable in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. He is also the most expensive character to purchase in the Shop.

[edit] Biography

Once human, the God of Rock has ascended to the highest level of rocking and plays nightly in a small pub on Mount Olympus. Occasionally, he finds time to guitar battle with mere humans. He is also credited with inventing the lute. -- Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock in-game description

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