Shanker's Island

Shanker's Island
Appears inGuitar Hero III
Guitar BattleVs Slash
Venue NumberFive

Shanker's Island is thse 5th location that is availble to play in during the career mode of Guitar Hero III. It is a prison island, and might be a parody of Alcatraz. Hundreds of prisoners stand in a rectangular pit surrounded by two stories of cells on either side. Behind the stage, there is a sign that, upside down, reads 999. Also if your performance level is in the green, a cage lowers holding a dancing girl inside it. Every so often, a strobe light will flash on certain notes.

(Note: It is recommended that you do not play Through the Fire and Flames here, because the strobe light goes off almost every note, and sections of the song haveover 20 notes per second)

[edit] Songlist

  • Holiday in Cambodia - The Dead Kennedys
  • Rock You Like a Hurricane - The Scorpions
  • Same Old Song and Dance - Aerosmith
  • La Grange - ZZ Top
  • Guitar Battle vs. Slash (Boss Battle)
  • Encore: Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
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