Queen is a British rock band that gained popularity during the 1970s.


[edit] Early Days

The drummer had originally been part of a band with a bassist, but the bassist left for another band and a man named Farrokh Bulsara joined the band. He changed his stage name to Freddie Murcury a name he eventually became known as. The first self-titled album was released to positive reaction from the media. The second album, titled Queen II, was released, but recieved average reception. Regardless, it became more popular than the first and the album cover was reused during the music video for the hit Bohemian Rhapsody.

[edit] International Popularity

The third album, Sheer Heart Attack, became the first international success for the band, with Killer Queen reaching #2 in the UK. The fourth album, A Night At The Opera, also became popular internationally, and was also voted one of the finest works of Queen. A Night at the Opera featured Bohemian Rhapsody, which recieved universal acclaim, such as at #6 of Triple J's Best 100 of All Time [1], and at #1 at The Top 10s [2]. The song also has no specific genre, as it touches on several, or a chorus.
The fifth album, A Day At The Races and sixth album News of the World both became popular after release as well, with the latter providing We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions.

[edit] 1980s

Queen's first album of the decade, The Game featured more popular hits, including Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Another One Bites The Dust.
In 1981, Queen briefly worked with David Bowie on the single Under Pressure.
Queen's popularity by now started to die down as the started working on various movies soundtracks. Queen performed live for Live Aid with other bands.

[edit] Mercury's Death and Later Queen

Mercury died in 1991 and a tribute concert was organised, featuring various bands that were willing to pay tribute to Mercury, or singers they had worked with (i.e David Bowie). Queen made one more album of original material with Mercury before he died. Afterwards, Queen (by now just Roger Taylor and Brian May, as John Deacon left shortly after Mercury's death) teamed up with other singers, most famous recently with Paul Rodgers.

[edit] In the Guitar Hero series

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