Mitch's Moose Lounge

Mitch's Moose Lounge
Appears inGuitar Hero III
Guitar BattleVs Tom Morello
Venue NumberTwo

Mitch's Moose Lounge is the second venue in Guitar Hero III. Mitch's Moose Lounge is essentially a musical strip club. It is fairly dark in appearance, and is complete with poles and dancers (though they only appear when Bulls on Parade is being played). At the corner of the stage, a can of Red Bull can be seen.

[edit] Songlist

There are seven songs available to play here. They are:

  • Mississippi Queen- Mountain
  • School's Out- Alice Cooper
  • Sunshine of Your Love- Cream
  • Barracuda- Heart
  • Guitar Battle vs. Tom Morello- made specially for the game by Tom Morello
  • Encore: Bulls on Parade- Rage Against the Machine
  • Reptilia- The Strokes (co-op)
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