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Appears inGuitar Hero III
Playing StyleDeath Metal
InfluencesCharlie Daniels, Tenacious D
Default GuitarObliviaxe
OutfitsDenim jeans, black leather jacket and sunglasses

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Lou is an embodiment of and was influenced the devil in Tenacious D's Pick of Destiny, and is featured in many of their songs.


[edit] Guitar Hero III

In Guitar Hero III you battle against Lou in the final boss battle playing the Primus version of Charlie Daniel's Devil Went Down to Georgia. His Inferno is a featured Venue in Guitar Hero III.

Lou plays a great part in the backstory of GH3, as the main organisers posing as the manager of your band. The band gets hooked up with him after the performance in Mitch's Moose Lounge, where they sign a contract that, unknown to them, gives Lou concession of their souls (this is only revealed after the concert in Kaiju Megadome, when Lou shows his true demonic self).

[edit] Guitar Hero 5

Lou can also be seen at the beginning of Guitar Hero 5, making a deal with the God of Rock. He is also seen on several screens during the game.

[edit] Biography

Lou's his name and gathering souls in exchange for musical prowess is his game. Meet him at the crossroads and leave your nerves on the porch or prepare to spend eternity tuning his guitars. Definitely a dog person. -- Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock in-game bio.

[edit] Notes

Lou is an abbreviation for 'Lucifer', another name for the devil.

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