List of Guitar Hero Loading Screens

Rather than a simple, regular loading screen, Guitar Hero has many interesting, helpful, and sometimes comical phrases which appear on screen.

  • Go spend your hard earned cash at the Unlock Shop. You'll find cool stuff like secret characters, custom Gibson guitars, and songs.
  • Practice strumming both up and down to nail those super fast passages.
  • If you're having trouble getting through an especially fast solo, check out the Advanced Techniques Tutorial.
  • Take a break to rest your hands. Rocking out is hard work.
  • Buy a second guitar controller and engage your friends in rampaging head* to* head guitar battles.
  • Eleven IS louder than ten.
  • They don't really want you to play Free Bird. They're just heckling you.
  • At some point, you should think about buying a real guitar.
  • Don't let the drummer have an “extended solo” unless you really have to go to the bathroom.
  • Don't let the drummer have a microphone. It'll just end in tears.
  • If anyone insists on wearing a white belt, kick them out of the band.
  • Don't wear your guitar higher than your belt
  • You're not in The Beatles.
  • Don't let your lead singer steal all the attention. Singers are egomaniacs.
  • Left handed and want to flip the guitar around? Go to options and turn on lefty flip.
  • Long notes are worth more the longer you hold them. Keep that fret button held down.
  • Use your pinky to hit the 4th fret button and you won't need to move your hand as much.
  • Don't let your drummer handle the money.
  • Don't eat anything that gets thrown on stage.
  • Always keep an empty bottle in the van. You'll see.
  • Hit 10 notes in a row for a X2 multiplier. Longer note streaks are rewarded with higher multipliers.
  • Star Power can be a life saver. If you're deep in the red, use Star Power to win back the crowd.
  • Chords are worth more points than regular notes. Use Star Power to drive the crowd wild. Learn how to use this awesome energy in the Star Power Tutorial.
  • Save your Star Power for sections with many notes. You'll get more points and bigger rock meter boosts.

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