List of Guitar Hero II Loading Screens

  • If your singer ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.
  • If you call your new song a “Rock Anthem” you’d better be damn sure.
  • If your neighbors keep complaining about the noise, turn up the volume until they move away.
  • It all comes out on the road.
  • It takes a REALLY long time to drive the van through Nebraska.
  • Pick up characters, outfits, guitars, bonus songs, and more at The Store.
  • Get a streak multiplier by playing perfectly for a few notes.
  • A band is the dysfunctional family you choose.
  • Try the new and improved Hammer Ons and Pull Offs. They’re easier this time around.
  • It’s customary to try to be the loudest during practice.
  • You need a mini fridge in your practice space. It’s more important than a bassist.
  • Your mom does not count as a fan.
  • If you have a road crew, It’s called “hauling” equipment. Otherwise it’s called “schlepping.”
  • Visit practice mode from the training menu to really nail those tough sections.
  • Just like with a real guitar, you don’t need to release fret buttons on lower notes when you play higher notes.
  • Dropping your pants on stage does not deploy Star Power.
  • You better be sure they want you to come back out before you save your best song for the Encore.
  • If the staff is already flipping the stools, you missed your chance for an encore.
  • If they want an Encore, but you’re out of songs, do not under any circumstances, try to just JAM.
  • Man, you must really like Free Bird.
  • Hit 10 notes in a row for a X2 multiplier. Longer note streaks are rewarded with higher multipliers.
  • Star Power can be a life saver. If you’re deep in the red, use Star Power to win back the crowd.
  • Chords are worth more points than regular notes. Use Star Power to drive the crowd wild. Learn how to use this awesome energy in the Star Power Tutorial.
  • Save your Star Power for sections with many notes. You’ll get more points and bigger rock meter boosts.

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