List of Characters in Guitar Hero III


[edit] Axel Steel

After attaining genuine superstar status, Axel retreated to bonfire parties and barnyard jam sessions. Now hes back in the limelight and looking to destroy anyone and anything dull enough to stand in his path of headbanging destruction.

[edit] Casey Lynch

Finally embracing her feminine appeal, Casey has risen to the status of 'Goddess of Rock'. When asked by a reporter if she had sold out Casey replied with a roundhouse kick to the face. 'Don't worry, ill pay for the medical bill'.

[edit] Grim Ripper

When not scouring the bowels of Hades to sign the next big act, The Grim Ripper makes his earthly summer tours a part of his M.O. He also enjoys canoe trips.

[edit] Izzy Sparks

Daughters, lock up your mothers... Sunset has not fallen upon the strip! Izzy returns with the flair and the hair and isn't stopping 'til your ears bleed pure rock. Glam never tasted so good.

[edit] Judy Nails

After realizing that the majority of her fans were 14 year old boys, Judy dropped her label like a bad habit. In her debut solo effort 'Punkagothic Rockabillica.' Judy brings her won style and shows she can shred with the big boys and then some.

[edit] Johnny Napalm

'I love the smell of napalm in the morning.' Whoever said that had never met Johnny. Up all night thrashing and partying, there is no sleeping for Johnny, just blacking out. 'I eat disco and $#!+ emo!'

[edit] Lars Ümlaüt

After an overwhelmingly warm debut a year ago, Lars needed time to cool off. Ready the longboats and crank up the metal. Lars is prepared to reverse get effects of global warming with his icy world tour.

[edit] Midori

(Hailing from Japan, Midori is both sweet and sour. Classically trained on violin and performing at the age of 3, Midori dropped the bow and grabbed the axe, and never looked back. Schools out forever!

[edit] Slash

As a member of Guns N' Roses, Slash's Snakepit and Velvet Revolver, Slash has established himself as a true a true Guitar Hero. known for his fiery bluesy playing style and his signature top hat, Slash is still one of the most recognizable guitar players in Rock N' Roll today.

[edit] Lou

Lou's his name and gathering souls in exchange for musical prowess is his game. Meet him at the crossroads and leave your nerves on the porch or prepare to spend eternity tuning his guitars. Definitely a dog person.

[edit] Tom Morello

Tom Morello has helped redefine what the guitar us capable of with his innovative playing throughout the years in Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and his solo project, The Nightwatchmen

[edit] Elroy Budvis

'Lil Elroy started hanging on the ivories when he was 6. The neighborhood kids weren't too nice about his love for the keys telling him "Sissy boys play the piano!" - it didn't take long for him to pick up the guitar after that. In a band since he was 12 - his love of the steel strings has never faltered. Then a producer gave him a studio job - until the day he met a legend in the flesh - he learned the chops from this idol of a by-gone era and soon he was handed his trademark massice golden belt buckle. From that day on his motto has been: "Heavy Metal, Punk, Polka? It's all rock 'n' roll to Elroy baby."

[edit] Metalhead

Metalhead's lifecycle began as a self-guided Russian warhead. After the Cold War he was disarmed and hocked for spare parts. A few toasters, some vacuum tubes, a '57 roadster, and a cheese grater later, and Metalhead was the first fully autonomous robot. Thus began Metalhead's full-on assault against all things slow and lame. Far from his humble Soviet silo beginnings, Metalhead is ready to get on stage and drop the bomb!

[edit] God of Rock

Once human, the God of Rock has ascended to the highest level of rocking and plays nightly in a small pub on Mount Olympus. Occasionally, he finds time to guitar battle with mere humans. He is also credited with inventing the lute.

[edit] Xavier Stone

The essence of cool, Xavier wield sound with hypnotic effect. The ladies want him and the dudes want to BE him. Touted as 'The Strummer Of Love' Xavier strives for peace on earth and goodwill towards... Rock N' Roll.

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