List of Characters in Guitar Hero II


[edit] Johnny Naplam

Johnny embodies the true spirit of punk rock with his signature stomp and swagger. Released from lockup for "almost tolerable behavior," Johnny lurches back into the spotlight, rough and ready for action.

[edit] Judy Nails

A fan of distorted feedback and roller derby, Judy Nails has been a pioneer of alt-rock since her first tour at age 17. Known for her huge collection of vinyl, Judy brings a smile, and a lot of pedals, to the stage.

[edit] Izzy Sparks

A real crowd pleaser, Izzy thrills all with his energetic onstage showmanship while delighting the media with his offstage debauchery. Izzy's fan base is even bigger than his hair.

[edit] Pandora

Pandora's youth is shrouded in mystery. Some say she was born in a dimension of pure darkness, others say she was raised in a duplex near Boise. With her blazing solos and chaotic melodies, Pandora is the dark princess of rock.

[edit] Axel Steel

Famous for his driving riffs and up-front attitude, Axel Steel first picked up a guitar in an attempt to quell his boredom during suspension from elementary school. The rest is history. Metal History.

[edit] Eddie Knox

When he's not cruisin' in his '55 Chevy, Eddie brings his hard-working rock to any stage his sets foot on. A real "road dog", Eddie Knox claims that as long as he's got his hollow body and his pomade, he "ain't too far from home."

[edit] Casey Lynch

A veteran of the tour circuit, Casey's dirty low-end growl and ultra- heavy riffs have influenced budding shredders from Maine to Alaska. She's tough, she's brash, and she'll break your heart faster than an E-String.

[edit] Lars Umlaut

Lock the doors and board the windows, Lars Umlaut is coming for you! An intimidating presence, the Norwegian-born Umlaut describes himself as "a force for you to be the reckoning with!"

[edit] Clive Winston

is soooo cool :)

[edit] Xavier Stone

Raised in suburban Connecticut, Xavier Stone broke from his pampered upbringing after realizing he preferred rock clubs to country clubs, weaving slick '70s style with chunky grooves, Xavier does it right every time.

[edit] Grim Ripper

This rock star is bad to the bone. Grim's riffs are so killer, fans are lucky just to leave the show with their souls intact. Grim's supernatural licks always knock 'em dead. 'cause he' know... right.

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