Battle Mode

Battle Mode is a mode that was introduced in Guitar Hero 3 and seen again in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: World Tour. Used as Boss Battles in either career mode or as a type of multi-player mode.


[edit] Career

At the completion of tiers 2, 5, and 8, you will be challenged to a guitar face off, In which two fret boards scroll down the screen, similar to the normal multi-player modes, Except the board on the right is AI controlled. You both play sections of the same song while Battle power is gained by hitting special combos instead of Star power, when enough power is earned, you will be rewarded with a certain power up which will be displayed in the corner, you can store up to 3 power ups to use simultaneously. Tilting your guitar will let you use these powers against the computer, With the aim to make it miss as many notes as possible Resulting in its rock meter going down and ultimately failing the song, But beware that the computer can also use its own power ups against you, So a wise tactic is to attack it just as it is about to complete its own combo to make it fail.

If you can beat the boss, you will unlock him as a playable character to buy in the store, and he will play the encore (a song from an artist that boss plays in) along with you. Starting from Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, Boss Battles do not make an appearance. Whenever a special guest appears, he/ she/ they automatically go to their song without challenging the player.

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Guitar Hero III

    Guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. He plays Bulls on Parade on his Arm The Homeless guitar with you.
    Guitarist from Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver. He plays Welcome to the Jungle on his 1959 Les Paul with you.
  • Lou- 8th tier
    Manager of the cover band your character plays in. The battle is a rendition of The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band, based on the cover by Primus. After you beat him, he falls down a giant crack in the ground, presumably back to Hell. You then play Through the Fire and Flames atop a pillar of amps while the credits roll on the game, along with pictures of the development staff. The difficulty is the same as whatever the battle was. No score is kept and you won't fail if you don't play along to the song.

[edit] Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

    Guitarist for Aerosmith, whom the game is based on.

[edit] Guitar Hero: World Tour

Unlike Guitar Hero 3, more celebrities appear besides the bosses. Sting (from The Police), Jimi Hendrix (From The Jimi Hendrix Experience), Ozzy Osborne (from Black Sabbath and his Solo Career) and Travis Barker (from Blink-182) also appear in non-boss roles.

    Guitarist, well known for his solo career. He'll play Stranglehold when the battle is completed.

[edit] Mulitplayer

Basically a modified Face off mode, You can both pick different Difficulties, and you each play different parts of the same song while attacking each other with battle powers.

[edit] List of Attacks

  • Broken Whammy - Makes the fret icons at the bottom of the board rise up and become unusable until the whammy bar is moved up and down to make the on screen whammy bar disappear. It's icon is a wavy line (Shown in included picture)
  • Lefty/Righty Flip - Flips the note chart horizontally. Icon is an upside down smiley face
  • Amp overload - Makes the note gems flash, and the fret board shake making it harder to play. It's icon is a thunderbolt
  • Double Notes - Makes all notes a double chord, Makes all doubles a triple cord. and triples become quads. It's icon is 2 16th notes
  • Broken String - Makes a certain fret icon rise up, you need to keep tapping the fret button until it works again. It's icon is a pair of scissors
  • Difficulty Up - Changes the opponent's chart to the next higher difficulty. Takes a moment or so before its effects kick in. It's icon is a cross
  • Power-Up Steal - Takes the opponent's power-up, if it has one. If not, the power-up is lost. It's icon is a hand
  • Death Drain - This is the ultimate 'power up'. This kicks in Career mode or Sudden death in multi-player at the end of each song. It makes the player's rock meter go down no matter how well they are playing. In sudden death this happens as soon as a player misses a note.

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