Band Hero

Band Hero
Band Hero.jpg
DeveloperNeversoft (Xbox 360/PS3)
Vicarious Visions (DS/Wii)
Budcat Creations (PS2)
PlatformsXbox 360
Release DateNovember 3, 2009


[edit] Development

This game will structurally be similar to Guitar Hero 5, with similar menus and party mode. So far, Taylor Swift [1], Adam Levine from Maroon 5[2] and the band No Doubt [3] have been confirmed to appear in the game.
The DS will have a new 'drum skin' to play the drums, however it is only for use on the DS Lite. Band Hero is aimed towards owners of the DS Lite, due to the Guitar Grip working on that and the original DS and because that has had more sales between the three versions. Band Hero for the DS is also the first Guitar hero game to be released under the same name as the consoles and released at the same time. Due to limitations, the game will only fit 30 of the songs from the console version.
Band Hero can also export songs to Guitar Hero 5 and vice versa.

[edit] Instruments

This is the third game after World Tour to be sold as a whole band kit. Guitar Hero 5 only has a bundle with the guitar.

[edit] Songs

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This game allows songs from Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits and Guitar Hero 5 to be imported as well as the on-disc playlist.

[edit] Reception

[edit] Controversy

Similar to Kurt Cobain's use in Guitar Hero 5, No Doubt sued Activision due to a breach of contract, stating that they were only supposed to appear for their songs. Courtney Love, widow of Kurt, stated that she would be joining their lawsuit. Activision claimed that it was freedom of speech, but the judge ruled against them for No Doubt.[4]

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