Back Round

Back Round
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[edit] History

This song was released on Wolfmothers first album, Cosmic Egg after their reunion. It originally was offered as a free download on their website, as the game states, but has now been withdrawn, instead now offered as a free download when becoming a member of [ The official Guitar Hero site].

[edit] In Guitar Hero 5

This song is available on the Cairo Bazaar tier as an Encore.

[edit] Challenge

Back Round Challenge.jpg
Maintain a multiplier of 4x or higher.

Gold - 70 seconds
Platinum - 100 seconds
Diamond - 190 seconds

[edit] Trivia

  • 'Back Round' was initially released as a free MP3 download on Wolfmother's site.

[edit] Lyrics

I'm coming home
Right now
Can you tell me if the people need to let alone
Right now

I'm coming home
It's been too long
Since the light was gone
I'm coming home, yeah

Come alive, come alive just to see you
Realize it's all in front of you
Realize it's all you ever know
Realize it's all you ever do

Oh, I'm coming back around
Oh, It won't be long

It looks like someone has been
Been here before
They left here thinking they could
Still have it all

The tickets sold and the man got rich with a seven year itch
But all those involved fell over in their own ditch
They like eyes to see on parallels; seeing all things as similar
For those who deny chance have no chance at all

Oh, I'm coming back around
Oh, it won't be long

[edit] Video

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