Angel's Crypt

Angel's Crypt
Angel's Crypt.jpg
The venue from the band's perspective
Venue appearanceGuitar Hero 5
Venue number4

Angel's Crypt is a Venue only appearing in Guitar Hero 5. It is a large graveyard with enough room in an open space for the stage and the crowd of spectators. During the beginning of either Dancing With Myself of Shout It Out Loud, a crypt door behind the band opens up and several ghosts float out.


[edit] Songs

[edit] Schecter Bass-Off

[edit] Description

You'll score free basses from Schecter if they are confident that you won't sully their name. Prove you've got what it takes.

The Schecter Bass-Off challenge is, as implied, for the bass.

[edit] Challenge

Gain bonus stars for high scores on bass

Gold- 50 000 points
Diamond - 100 000 points
Platinum - 200 000 points

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