Appears inGuitar Hero II, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, Guitar Hero 5
Playing StyleGothic Rock, Horror Punk, Heavy Metal, Glam Rock, Gothic Glam, Thrash Metal, Nu Metal, Gothic Metal
InfluencesKiss, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Lacrimosa, Clan Of Xymox, Nightwish
Default Guitar

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Pandora (October, 21th, 1970, Dublin, Ireland) is one of the main characters from the Guitar Hero series, first introduced in Guitar Hero. She later reappeared in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s with an 80s style look, but was removed from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, as her features were mixed with those of Judy Nails.
In GHI, she appears to be into the movement "Gothic Glam" a genre fusing the Gothic subculture and the genres of Glam Rock, Glam Punk, Glam Grunge, and Glam Metal. In this original Guitar Hero, she appears to be inspired by D'Arcy Wretzky (The Smashing Pumpkins).
In GHII, she appears to be inspired by the Glam Punk movement, glam rocker Suzi Quatro and Nina Hagen. Given her white costume, she appears to be a female version of several male Glam Punk stars such as Punky Meadows (Angel) and Brian May (Queen) . In GH'80 she is now more inspired by the 80's New Wave movement, such as Patty Smyth (Scandal), along with Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go's). Others inspirations to Pandora includes Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries), Peter Criss (Kiss), Eric Singer (Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Kiss and Avantasia) and Daron Malakian (System Of A Down and Scars on Broadway).

[edit] Biography

  • The girl scouts didn't want her, the ballet school couldn't handle her, but the world can't get enough of Pandora's awesome guitar! She plays fast and wild, and Übersound Magazine recently dubbed her the Dark Princess of Rock. - Guitar Hero In-Game Description
  • Pandora's youth is shrouded in mystery. Some say she was born in a dimension of pure darkness. Others say she was raised in a duplex near Boise. With her blazing solos and chaotic melodies, Pandora is the true Dark Princess of Rock. - Guitar Hero II In-Game Description
  • Enigmatic and experimental, Pandora is a true trendsetter. Asked about her incomparable new wave guitar style, Pandora explains that her solos are tributes to the radness of robots and plastic. - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s In-Game Description

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