List of Characters in Guitar Hero


[edit] Axel Steel

No frills, no fluff. Axel Steel is a shredder from the old school. He was put on this planet for two things, to drink beer and play some Rock N’ Roll. Looks like he’s almost out of beer.

[edit] Clive Winston

Inspired by the 70s British guitar gods, Clive Winston is a precious session commodity- Everything he plays on goes gold. He’s got a unique and virtuosic guitar style and knows just how far you can bend a string before it breaks.

[edit] Judy Nails

Known for her experiments with unconventional guitar tunings and stunning solos, Judy Nails has been touring since she was 17. She claims that alternative rock “saved her life” and she hopes to return the favor someday.

[edit] Izzy Sparks

A wild man on and off the stage, Izzy is famous for his guitar playing and infamous for his hard partying ways. The press cant get enough of this bad boy who never leaves a crowd unhappy or a hotel room un-trashed.

[edit] Johnny Naplam

Raw is the word that describes Johnny Naplam best. That goes for his guitar playing and his abuse of the English language. His energy onstage is unmatched. He is the true successor to the punk era and an awesome talent.

[edit] Pandora

The girl scouts didn’t want her, the ballet school couldn’t handle her, but the world cant get enough of Pandora’s awesome guitar. She plays fast and wild., and ubersound magazine rebently dubbed her the Dark Princess of Rock.

[edit] Xavier Stone

A musical prodigy, Xavier Stone’s time in Egypt exposed him to African and middle eastern techniques which he weaves into his sound. In a recent interview he claimed to rock so hard “there’s nothing left of a guitar when I’m done with it.”

[edit] Grim Ripper

Tearing it up from the beyond, Grim is a full on rocker. Grim has abandoned the stealing souls for the rush of stealing the show and now tours the world laying down monster riffs.

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