Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash
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Johnny in Guitar Hero 5
Appears inGuitar Hero 5
Unlocked after gigRing of Fire in Electric Honky Tonk
Default GuitarAcoustic

[edit] Biography

Johnny Cash was born John R. Cash and lived on a farm in Arkansas with his family from a young age. On the farm, music was part of everyday life, which he used as inspiration later in life.
During his early life, he held several jobs such as working in the automotive industry and even joining the Air Force. In 1954, he married Vivian Liberto, whom he had met while enlisted in the Air Force. Several times he had attempted to break into the music industry and finally succeeded in a band. He had a string of successful singles but the one the proved to be the most popular was I Walk the Line, which the movie based on Johnny's life, Walk the Line, got its name from.
By the 1960s, Johnny was still producing successful songs and was now appearing on several television shows performing his songs. But now fame was taking its toll. He got divorced from his first wife and began using drugs. Eventually, he married singer June Carter, who wrote Cash's song Ring of Fire. He also made famous tours to several prisons.
He died May 2003.

[edit] In the Guitar Hero series

Johnny Cash is a playable character in Guitar Hero 5. He can first be seen in the Electric Honky Tonk venue playing the song Ring of Fire. Johnny is the only character that introduces himself before playing. He walks up to the microphone and says "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" [1] before performing the Ring of Fire.

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