Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II
Guitar hero ii frontcover.jpg
Guitar Hero II Cover Artwork (Xbox 360)
Release date(s)June 24, 2007
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
Available onPS2, Xbox 360

Guitar Hero II is the sequel to the hit game Guitar Hero for the Playstation 2. Using the intuitive guitar peripheral, you must strum your way into rock history.

Guitar Hero II is featured on the PlayStation 2 and XBox 360, with DLC (Downloadable content) for the latter of the two. Both games feature over 70 songs and both a career mode and 3 multiplayer modes (Co-op, Face-off, and Pro Face-off) in which you can play the songs.


[edit] Career Mode

Career mode is the main mode of the game. In it, the player picks from one of several preset avatars and goes through 8 tiers of songs. This mode is also the only mode in which you can unlock game content.

Selecting Sections In Practice Mode

[edit] Practice Mode

Practice mode is new to Guitar Hero II. It allows you to practice any section of any song, and even slow it down.

[edit] Songlist

See Guitar Hero II songlist

[edit] Downloadable Content

The Xbox 360 version featured many downloadable song packs including songs from the original Guitar Hero. See Downloadable Content for more details.

[edit] Leaderboards

The 360 version also features leader boards on Xbox Live. Scores are split into three groups:

  • Campaign Only - Your total score for the songs on the main set list
  • All Songs - Same as Campaign Only, but includes bonus songs and DLC
  • Individual Songs - Individual leader boards for each song.

Scores listed on the leader boards do not include the percentage or note streak achieved on a player's best run. In fact, the only designation of any kind is a small letter next the the score, denouncing which difficulty level the score was achieved on.

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