Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero 5 box art
Developer (s)Neversoft
Publisher (s)RedOctane
Release dateUS 1 September 2009 [1]
EU 11 September 2009[2]
AUS 16 September 2009[3]
ModesSingle Player
Multiplayer (online)
Multiplayer (Local)
Available onXbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii

Guitar Hero 5 is fifth game in the Guitar Hero franchise. It was released on the 1, 11 and 16th of September, 2009 for the US, Europe and Australia, respectively. Similar to the previous games, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, this game features gameplay not just for the guitar, but also supports vocals and drums. This game can be bought as a standalone or in a bundle with a guitar, the signature instrument for the series.


[edit] New features

This game introduces new features, will are expected to carry over onto Band Hero. The most significant new feature, aimed at those who have a collection of the guitars not in use bought for the previous games [4], is that any instruments can be used at any one time, as long as there are four players maximum. For instance, 4 bass guitarist, lead guitarists, drummers or singers can perform at the same time, or any combination of the four. This also carries over onto online play.
A party mode has been added before accessing the main menu, where a random song from the disc, downloadable content, or from the previous games (as long as it is purchased) plays. Anyone can drop in and play, the game moves the existing drum/guitar/vocal highways to accommodate the new player. Similarly, anyone can drop out and the song does not finish but continues for the remaining players. This feature doesn't work in Career or Quickplay.
When working in a band and a player fails the song, the remaining player(s) have to win over the crowd to give the failed player to continue the song. If two players fail at the same time, or the same player fails sevral times in one song, it becomes harder to keep the player in.
The Xbox 360 Avatars can now become playable characters. Playing one song with the Avatar unlocks the Secret Guest achievement.
Another feature introduced is the inclusion of challenges, which unlock after meeting a certain criteria on an instrument or as a band, such as keeping a 4x multiplyer for a certain amount of time.
The number of songs on a playlist has increased from 6 to over 15. Each individual playlist can be named and saved. On the Xbox 360, playing a one hour playlist unlocks an achievement.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Set List

There are 85 songs by 83 artists that can be played. The artists with two songs are David Bowie (Fame and with Queen to sing Under Pressure) and Nirvana (Smells like Teen Spirit and Lithium (Live) ). They are all unlocked in the Quickplay and Party mode.

[edit] Controversy

Fans of Nirvana were up in arms of the inclusion of Kurt Cobain, upset that he could be used to sing any song. Activision assured the Nirvana fans that they had the nessesary rights from his estate, signed by Courtney Love. Courtney herself denied this and stated that she was going to sue.[5]

Former Nirvana bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic released a statement, also stating that they were disappointed over the "disrespectful" use of Cobain's avatar.[6] Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi also joined in the protest. He stated that he was asked by the game's creators to appear in the game, although in the end he turned them down.[7]

The case, as of December 2009, has not been brought up again, although a similar controversy arose with the band No Doubt complaining of the same thing, this time in Band Hero.

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