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Guitar Hero
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Guitar Hero: World Tour Artwork
Developer(s)Neversoft (Xbox 360/PS3)

Vicarious Visions (Wii)

Budcat Creations (PS2)
Release date(s)US October 27, 2008 EU October 28/November 7, 2008
Genre(s)Arcade, Rhythm and Beat
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer, Online
Available onPlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, Xbox 360


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Controllers

Guitar Hero IV will be the first in the series to feature a full band ensemble, very similar to Rock Band, including Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals, and Drums. The drumset, as well as all of the other game peripherals will be wireless.

[edit] -Guitar-

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

World tour comes with a new guitar, this new Sunburst style Stratocaster will come with the standard 5 coloured fret buttons and strum bar, with new added features such as an elongated touchpad located on the neck, touching this strip will allow you to "bend" notes during sustains and can also be used to tap notes. The touchpad is featured strongly in the Song creator. The design has also been changed to accommodate easier pause and select button pressing by placing them on the 'Bridge' of the body (Which also helps with realism) and the D-pad is positioned to look more like a Volume dial. Talking of the body, that's been increased too, resembling the size of a real guitar much more then the smallish makes of past games. Of course Star Power can still be activated by tilting.

[edit] -Drums-

WT's drum kit resembles a actual rock setup much more closely then RockBands effort, 6 inputs ranging from 3 pads, 2 raised cymbals and a Bass pedal make up the elements of this set. These pads are reported to have hinges and swivels attached so you can position them to your preference. You can activate Star Power by hitting both symbols at the same time

Each drum head is approx 8 in diameter, making them slightly larger then Rock Band's drums, they are wireless, and are noticably quieter too. They also feature sensitive drum pads, the harder you hit them, the louder the sound etc. This is also used most in the Song creator.

[edit] -Microphone-

The Mic

Fairly standard Microphone. No control buttons and to activate Star Power, Just tap it. The console-specific controller is needed to navigate the menus.

[edit] Create a Rocker

Create A Rocker

The game will feature a Create a Rocker feature where players can create a character using a slider method (similar to many other create a character methods). It is said to be "the deepest and most complex character creator in a music game to date" A similar method is put in place in GH4 to Create a Logo.

[edit] Song Creator

The Songwriting support allows the player to effectively create their own songs off of already pre-made tracks in game. You would Start a new Song by selecting a generic bass loop before moving on to creating a drum track.

If you want, you can simply use the drum kit to create a beat. There's a drum machine in the game and you can manipulate it in real-time with the guitar. You begin by choosing a kit from an list of options. This defines your basic set of sounds that can be made. From there, loops can be assigned to each of the five buttons. Starting and stopping each loop is done with the neck buttons, then tweaks are added with the rest of the guitar. Using the touch pad you can do things like kill some parts of the loop or add 16th notes or snare hits. The strum bar changes the pitch of the loop. Tilting the guitar changes the speed of the sample. After that you can add and subtract sounds as you please.

Custom Song Creator

You can then add a guitar track over the beat. Before you begin to solo on the guitar, you'll have to choose from a list of options to get the sound you want. Activision has licensed the technology from Line 6, who make Pods, to include in the game. This adds full amp and cab modeling to the mix, bringing a wide range of possible guitar sounds to the game. With the setup done, you're ready to start soloing. The new touch strip can be used to add sustains or staccato notes. Tilting the guitar controls the pitch, raising or lowering it, enabling you to play much more than five notes. Even the back button is used, hitting it while strumming adds palm muting. At any point you can pause, rewind and listen to what you've done so far and re-record what you want. As you're creating the song, World Tour lays down the note chart that everyone will play when the song is final in real-time. If you manage to create a nearly impossible song, you won't have to worry about that limiting your audience. The exact notes you played will be set to the hardest difficulty and the game will auto-generate note patterns for the easier settings so that everyone can enjoy (or hate) your work. Once you're done creating your song, you can publish it to GH Tunes. When you do you'll be asked to pick which tracks should be played by each instrument, assign your own cover art (which can be custom created using the decal editor), select a genre, and a few other key bits of data to mark the track properly as yours. From there, anybody is free to download it and play it. As soon as they finish their first try at it they'll be asked to rate your masterpiece. That data is then sent back up to the server so that Activision can track which songs are the hottest with rankings for highest rated, fastest chart movers, most played and more.

[edit] Confirmed Songs

It is rumored that Guitar Hero IV will have over 85 master tracks including songs by Def Leppard, Aerosmith, KoRn, System of a Down, Muse, Blink 182, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. All of the tracks from the game are master recordings, a first for the series. Actual Activision-confirmed songs can be found in the List of Songs in Guitar Hero: World Tour.

[edit] Confirmed Downloadable Content

"REM Pack" (Horse to Water, Man Sized Wreath & Supernatural Superserious)
"The Smashing Pumpkins Pack" (G.L.O.W, 1979 & The Everlasting Gaze)
"Metallica - Death Magnetic Pack" (All 10 Tracks from Death Magnetic)

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