Guitar Hero: On Tour

Guitar Hero: On Tour
Guitar Hero On Tour Bundle
Developer(s)Vicarious Visions
Publisher(s)RedOctane and Activition
Release date(s)June 22, 2008
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
Available onDS


[edit] Background

Guitar Hero On Tour is the first handheld version of Guitar Hero, set to release on the Nintendo DS. The game features a new peripheral that fits into the GBA slot on the Nintendo DS. It does not look like a guitar, unlike previous peripherals, and it only has four frets instead of five like the other versions. You also strum by moving the stylus across virtual guitar strings on the touchscreen, in a strumming motion.

[edit] Peripheral

One of the most notable features in a console Guitar Hero game is the peripheral that looks and plays very similarly to a real guitar. Guitar Hero: On Tour also has a peripheral, but it looks nothing like an actual guitar, which is what separates handheld Guitar Hero from console Guitar Hero. The new controller plugs into the Gameboy Advance slot on the bottom of the Nintendo DS (The game is not playable on the Nintendo DSi, due to the lack of GBA slot). It rests on the bottom of the Nintendo DS where you can slip your hand through to rest your fingers on the four fret buttons (This peripheral has four fret buttons, not five). To strum, you use a pick-like stylus to strum on Guitar strings shown on the touch screen.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Displays

In Guitar Hero: On Tour, both the top screen and touch screen are utilized in this game, along with the microphone (which will be explained later). On the left screen (in a song) is the fret highway, which scrolls down in time with the music, bringing the notes you are supposed to play closer and closer to you. This screen pretty much works like the TV in any other Guitar Hero game. It has a concert in the background (also in time with the music), except on Guitar Hero: On Tour, it shows only the concert and fret highway and not your Star Power meter and Rock Meter.

The touch screen acts as the strum bar in the game, and also works as a display of your score, multiplier, and star power. The touch screen displays the body and a majority of the neck of your guitar. To strum, simply place the pick stylus onto the touch screen and move it (most preferably right, for right handers). The multiplier has 5 dots and a circle showing your current multiplier (2x, 3x, 4x, or none). Each dot represents .2 of the multiplier (not increasing your points at all). When you miss a note, the multiplier is reset. Each dot fills after hitting 2 notes in a row without missing any others or strumming extra. You can activate star power by clicking on the bar that shows your current amount or you can also blow into the microphone.

[edit] Songlist

See Guitar Hero On Tour Songlist.

[edit] Characters

See List of Characters in Guitar Hero On Tour.

[edit] See Also

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