Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray
Beck - Modern Guilt.jpg
Gamma Ray appeared on Beck's album Modern Guilt.
AppearancesGuitar Hero 5
Band Hero
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Guitar difficulty2
Bass Difficulty2
Drums Difficulty4
Vocals Difficulty5

Gamma Ray is a song released by Beck in 2008 on the album Modern Guilt.

[edit] In the Guitar Hero series

Gamma Ray challenge.jpg

This is Becks' first song in the series. In the career, it can be found in the first tier of GH5, The 13th Rail.

[edit] Challenge

Hit as many notes as you can only strumming up (HOPOs & Tap Notes excluded).

Gold - 340 stums
Platinum - 540 Strums
Diamond - 695 Strums

[edit] Trivia

The Terraplane mentioned in the lyrics was actually a Hudson-manufactured car. Amelia Earhart christened the one purchased by Orville Wright by breaking a bottle of gasoline across the nose.

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