Clive Winston

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Clive Winston
Clive.jpgClive Winston
Appears inGuitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
Playing Style
Default Guitar


Clive Winston is a character in Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II. He first appeared as one of the six regular characters in the first game, with a 60s-ish style that resembled the likes of George Harrison(The Beatles), Pete Townshend(The Who) and Eric Clapton(Cream). In the second game, he became an unlockable character, along with Xavier Stone and Grim Ripper. This game gave Clive a completely revamped look: he now has a 70s hippie style, more akin to Frank Zappa, Ritchie Blackmore(Deep Purple and Rainbow), Jimmy Page(Led Zepplin) and Tony Iommi(Black sabbath),Mick Box(Uriah Heep)and John Du Can( Atomic Rooster)

Neversoft has stated that he, along with Pandora, will return in Guitar Hero World Tour after fans were disappointed with their absences in Guitar Hero 3.


Inspired by the 70s British guitar gods, Clive Winston is a precious session commodity - everything he plays on goes gold. He's got a unique and virtuosic guitar style and knows just how far you can bend a string before it breaks. -- Guitar Hero in-game bio

Having abandoned his fascination with the sitar, an interest developed during a 3-year, court-ordered "meditation retreat", Winston sashays boldly back to the forefront of classic rock with his guitar wizardry and iconic status. -- Guitar Hero II in-game bio

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