Backyard Bash

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|title = Backyard Bash
|title = Backyard Bash
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|label1 = Location

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Backyard Bash
Appears inGuitar Hero III
Guitar BattleNone
Venue NumberOne

This is the first venue in Guitar Hero III. The address shown is 22 Arcadia Avenue, which is a parody of the Iron Maiden song 22 Acacia Avenue and, acording to the storyline, is where the band gets spotted by a talent scout to play in Mitch's Moose Lounge.

[edit] Appearance

Not surprisingly, the stage is set up in a backyard. The grass is sparsely populated with partiers. On the encore, police cars come and the cops rock out.

[edit] Songlist

[edit] Single-Player: 1. Starting Out Small

  • Slow Ride- Foghat
  • Talk Dirty To Me- Poison
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Pat Benetar
  • Story of My Life- Social Distortion
  • Rock and Roll All Nite- Kiss (Encore)
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